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    URL redirect with no ads

    Does anyone know of a URL redirecting service that (unlike, for example, does not have ads or annoying bars that say "this redirection service is provided by ----"?

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    I believe does not say any of that. Try their "webhop" i believe its called. FREE too
    Map & Web Hosting

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    i've had some experience with everydns, and certainly no problems or complains here.

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    I havent tried this site but I have seen it before.. ??

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    Re: Looks good but . . . how do I use it?

    I have a website hosted by and I'm trying to use url redirect to a subfolder of the site. So I just want (maybe) that points to my godaddy site. Is this supported? Do I have to add something to my site to do this?

    (sorry, I'm really inexperienced with this stuff)

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    hi, soundtrk

    have you tried if thats what you are looking for

    good luck

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