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    Bad avtivity by clients....

    Been reading a few horror stories whereby Hosting Companies offering reseller accounts have been terminating accounts because of bad behaviour of the clients (High processor load, high bandwidth, using excessive amounts of resources)

    Anybody have any tips as to what sort of things i should be looking out for with regards to my clients activities so as to not fall into the trap unexcpectedly?

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    It depends on the hosting company you choose.

    Some may be very strict and suspend your account as soon as a TOS violation is detected, regardless of how small it is. Some may terminate instead.

    Whereas other hosts may give you a warning and proactively help you not make the same mistake again or at all. Minor violations such as going 20mb of your bandwidth limit may be excused a few times.

    Basically, you need to read the TOS of the host you decide to go with thoroughly. Then if you have the slightest doubt, contact the host for more information. This way, you'll get a feel of the company as well and checking response times (some hosts however have a faster more helpful response to sales questions than to aftersales technical support).

    Also keep in mind the horror stories you read are biased and one sided. You should consider the hosts perspective as well. They may have had a valid reason (i think in majority of cases do), for suspended/terminating an account.

    But remember, ask LOT AND LOTS of questions!

    Good luck...
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