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    awstats logfile wildcard

    currently i have awstats working fine on IIS6, and I have a scheduled task to run the update feature once a day. the logfile it's set to look for in my .conf is thus:


    this all works just fine, but the problem i have is if set up awstats for a domain that already has multiple days (or months) of logs, it only reads the newest logfile and considers all the previous logs old and not worth compiling.

    is there a feature or trick i could use to make the update start with the first logfile and move it's way to the most recent? such as putting a wildcard (*) instead of a specific logfile name (i tried that but it doesn't work)?

    thanks in advance for any input.

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    Try the 7th step in the following URL

    Don't forget to copy from <awstats-root>\tools to <awstats-root>\wwwroot\cgi-bin directory.
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