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    awstats with combined subdomains

    i'v set up awstats on windows 2003 (IIS6) and it works beautifully. really love how it looks and how much control it has.

    my problem however is that it reads logs for only one domain, e.g. (and not

    i know how to make it run stats for either of the two, and i also found a snip of code that adds an extra field to the bottom of the stats page that shows all the hits (but hits only) for every domain in the log files. but as of now to get full stats for each domain, i have to run two completely seperate awstats, which sucks.

    i would like it to have the full stats readout for and lumped together as if they were one domain.

    help would be much appreciated.

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    As far as I've researched on it, you can not generate stats for Domain.Com and www.Domain.Com in just one run, but you'll have to run the process for both separately
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