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    Question Who knows

    Who knows

    Their prices are not comparable to PVPS however they propose good things.

    Thanks for your advice.

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    Hi ,Ouaib Trotter

    Check this search

    Good luck

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    I was going with them until I found out that cant put on anyother control panel then the ones they provied.

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    I've just had a look at the correspondence stream of one of the guys here with them. They seem totally rigid and inept to be frank.

    The issue is that he has just signed up but one of his domains has a numeric subdomain. Their control panel has a bug that prevents this from being added. It has to be added manually by staff.

    If that's not bad enough, he's been waiting 3 days for this to happen, having sent tickets and posted on their forum.

    For me that gives a good sense that they should be avoided. I'd hate to rely on that level of service if I really needed support.
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    Westhost uses Sphera. It is not a 'true' vps. That is why they are ridgid. Sphera makes for great marketing buzz as people like you see "VPS for $6.95", but they do not realize it is Sphera powered verses what you see now powering true VPSs - Virtuozzo for example.

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    I used to use WestHost a few years ago. I really like them to start, but they slowly seemed to get worse and worse. Performance really became an issue, and I was forced to leave. A friend of mine stuck it out with WestHost, and while he still has performance problems from time to time, he said that they've really improved in other areas. My friend started shopping around, but I think he's going to stay with WestHost anyway. I guess that says something

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    Just like UmBillyCord said, the only true vps is Virtuozzo VPS. "VPS" is not a VPS if it's not a Virtuozzo product.
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    I have a very bad experience with them.
    1. What they give you is not a real VPS.
    2. Server resources are too small, they assign like 10MB of memory, even with any shared plan you can usually have at least 40.
    3. They were imterrupting my service many times without warning me because of problems on their end.
    4. This one is funny - they asked me to contact Google and have them slow down indexing of my websites!
    5. Support is extremely slow and irritating, for example they disconnected my account several times in the middle of the night and when I called them to find out what's going on, they tell me to call next morning.

    Oweral - very bad, expensive, unreliable hosting.

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    Westhost support is just plain slow! 2-3 days for response for most technical issues. Definitely a lower tier company.
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    i have one client that uses them for web hosting, stuff breaks every now and then, but he calls them up and they fix it then and their, i am a little neutral in the matter
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    i am currently with them on their value plan. here's my 2 cents for those who are thinking of fgoing with westhost:

    1. Great user forum. lots of knowledgeable and helkpful users
    2. Cheap
    3. SSH

    1. Connection is slow
    2. No full root access. The shell they give you does not have full rpivileges. many folders/files you cant touch. Always have to find workaround to install applications i need. this mean any apps installation that requrie root access cant be install
    3. Their buggy own control panel.
    4. mediocre support. Slow response and unwilling to explain problems.
    5. Too many down time. Every downtime is due to maintenance that is not explained in email

    I am at the end of my 1 year contract with them. they charged to my CC before informing me anything. fortunately i lost my CC few mths ago. in the end they informed me that they couldnt get the renewal payment otherwise i dont think i will be informed on any renewal or payment they collected from my CC.

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