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Thread: Test Datacenter

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    Test Datacenter

    Hello WHT community,

    At valvehosting were going to setup a test datacenter. What we hope to achieve in this thread is to get tips and ideas or other ideas on how to make this a good datacenter.

    The servers put up for this test will be low spec servers for starters, P4 machines with 1Gb memory and 100GB space. We have no limit on bandwith for testing as we have the actual cables running in here.

    The current setup is simple,

    2 seperate 100MBPS Hikari Fiber Cables
    Servers are different specs and os is not yet decided on
    The room is simply airconditioned, (pics will be setup soon onthe website we will dedicate to this project, yet to be made)

    Pretty much we never did this and are welcoming tips for us to get started, there is no hurry with this project and we set it up with the aim of eventualy offering our own datacenter supported servers for our hosting clients and offer Dedicated servers or VPS, however this is a long wait away at the moment,

    Any ideas on where to get started?

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