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    Review please

    I just build a website It is a web tool site. Thus it dont really contain much articles and other resources except web tools. Currently, i need to know how does ppl feel when they browse this site.
    If it is possible, plz tell me how do you feel when browsing this site? Does the navigation good enough or need to be changed?
    Thanks ..Man!!

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    There is waaaayyy to much "stuff" on this website. I'd reccommend completely reworking your layout. Make it a simple website, with everything spread out.

    Just my .02,

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    Too much stuff? i dont get what you mean..! would you mind explaning more clearly?

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    its a nice site but maybe you can think about the color combination again? I dont quite like the green color combination which gets displayed.. like here..

    its not easy to read..just my 2 cents..

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