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    * We are NOT cheap, just really good!

    Valvehosting does it again,

    We host on our own servers and have been in the internet business for over 5 years. Although the hosting part is a new part of our company the company itself has been around since 1999.

    We have just upgraded our support staff to 24/7 around the world support. We offer support in the following languages

    English, Dutch, Japanese and German

    24/7 support
    24/7 monitored servers
    Cpanel XP
    Add-on domains
    Large bandwith Plans

    No overselling of space or Bandwith

    Some customers might just look for the cheapest host, in that case we wont be the best choice. If you are looking however for security, personal assistance and reliability for affordable prices then we are the number 1 choice.

    STANDARD PLAN $4.95 per month
    400 MB Storage
    10 GB Transfer
    3 domains ok!
    Unlimited POP Accounts

    ADVANCED PLAN $8.95 per month
    800 MB Storage
    20 GB Transfer
    5 domains ok!
    Unlimited POP Accounts

    PREMIUM PLAN $12.95 per month
    1500 MB Storage
    40 GB Transfer
    8 domains ok!
    Unlimited POP Accounts

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    Great Service!

    Hello, I would just like to say that after being with these guys for 3 months now I couldn't be happier, my support tickets are answered usually in 30 minutes even at 3 am! Their control panel is awsome I know Cpanel is the industry standard, but adding things like CpanelXP isn't! The packages are more than enough and realistic, companies that give 20gb space and 200gb transfer for 10.99 a month usually last what about as long as the first billing period? You get what you pay for, and here you pay a little bit more, but it is definitely worth the extra cost and more knowing that the 99% uptime is not just a figure used as a gimmick to make you buy the service but a realistic fact that I have learned to be true the past 3 months I've been with them!

    Thanks Your Loyal Customer,
    Jason Winning

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