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    Real Template Resell Rights??

    I am looking to purchase templates with resell/redistribution rights. However, I am inexperience in it.

    I found several sites that offering same template deals at very low membership fee, such as $24.95 , $29.95 for downloading up to few thousands of templates. As a business sense, they must get the templates from somewhere else??


    Both sites are offering same products. Their Terms have non exclusive rights for redistribution in any form.

    Then I found another site which has Master Resell Rights, and the price is only $22.

    Seeing the way the present the information, u can know that it's not an establish company (not to mean any criticise).


    1. I just want to know whether all these templates have exclusive rights or not. Or they just claiming that by themselves. Well, I am just aware for the copyright issue, as dont want to get sued some day.

    2. Where do the 2 sites obtain the source actually? No worry, I just want to make sure that they also get it legally.

    Hope somebody can give an advice.

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    You really think that someone would have "exclusive" rights for that many templates at that price? I can't say where these templates are coming from, but you won't be the only one using them. You might be able to redistribute them legally, but it could also be they got them off ebay in one of those scams, in which case it would "technically" be copyright infringement. If its too good a deal in this case, I'd be rather suspect.

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    Most of those you buy in ebay have resell rights though.

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    I would be cautious on any template with full resell rights unless you can prove otherwise that the seller does in fact have it to give

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    Originally posted by cyang6568
    Most of those you buy in ebay have resell rights though.
    They're avalible for free I have them, should really just delete them as I don't want them.
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