I currently hold in my posession the domain name talkcompute.com. I had originally planned to develop the presence and then later sell it, but due to time constraints, I have decided to offer the domain for sale now. I am accepting all offers at this time -- each of which will be taken into careful consideration. The BIN price is set at $200.00.

This domain name is of premium quality. Previous domains with the "talk" prefix or appendage have previously sold for thousands after development. Talkcompute.com is exceptionally valuable, as it can address all aspects of computing -- internet, website development, operating systems, hardware, et cetera.

Domain is currently located at GoDaddy, and can be pushed for free to your GoDaddy account. If you do not have one, you may create one for free at www.godaddy.com. Please post your offers HERE. Private offers will NOT be accepted. Thank You.