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    [Selling] Gaming Site.

    I am selling
    view stats here

    Domain is registered at Free push to your account.

    The site also have been link to and indexed in search engines:
    Google: 39
    Hotbot: 39
    MSN: 4,330
    Yahoo: 3,250 is also has 278 indexed pages in google. Click Here

    Flashzor has made $6.29. Click Here

    Please start bids at $100.

    anymore questions please post here or PM me.

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    aim me at i525series

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    Aug 2003
    How long have the Google ads been run?

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    since the beginning of may. but i have not been running them latly becuase i am useing the right media ads now.

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    i have a high bid of $100 throught PM. anyone else.

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