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    which is the better

    I am a new one about the dedicatied server. So I want to know the distinguish between windows and the Linux.Which one is better?

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    At the same time , I aslo want to know their steability

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    It depends on personal preference (which one you are more familiar with) and what you will be using it for.

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    I familiar with the Windows more than the Linux. But some people tell me the Linux is more steability than it.I want to do the music web , how can I choose?

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    A question that I have is, are you fimiliar with the Desktop or the server version of windows?

    Linux has been know to be more stable with virus, attacks, ect.
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    As many have said time and time again, use whichever you're more comfortable administrating. A system is only as secure and stable as the person behind the keyboard is knowledgeable.

    If you don't know either, consider what things you want to be able to host: ASP, etc. Sometimes the content dictates the system. Then you can hire a system administrator. Good luck!

    EDIT: Just a few below this thread is

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    This topic was beat up all day today.. A search should yield some good reading.

    To keep it simple? Use the system you feel comfortable with. There is no 'Best' OS..

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    yeah this subject gets asked too often and everyone has different thoughts on the matter.

    Search the forums you will find peoples point of view.
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    thanks a lot, everyone!!!!!!!!

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