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    My Battlefield 2 site

    My site is it is a community/fan site for bf2. All comments/feedback/suggestions welcomed.

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    Looks fine though I don't like the menu aligned to right but all to their own.

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    Looks good but I think the colors are way off for a BF2 site. I would suggest dark background with some better gaming colors. The green should definitely go.

    Good Luck
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    Yea, I would suggest a darker theme as well, but the layout is pretty good, although i find the forum too narrow.

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    Yeah i know the forum is a problem at the moment.

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    Definatley darken up those colors, at least on the background, but I would use darker forground colors as well.
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    I wouldn't say the colors are that off for a Battlefield site, you just need to darken them. Make your menu titles stand out a bit more too. Maybe using black text?

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    looks very cool

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    It looks nothing like a BF2 site.

    Also, why did you put your banner in a layer ontop of the template's header? Why didn't you just edit the header thats there?

    I suggest darker colours, dark greys, whites and REDS... Try designing it yourself...

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    yeah its alright, pretty good for a clan site.

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