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    ideas for website

    I currently own the domain and was wondering what to do with it. Making some money out of it would be good one but no idea how. Since I'm a poor student i'm looking for ideas for what to do with the site that won't cost me a bean, currently it has a forum with 2 members (yay) and the site costs me a whole 10 to run a year. If anyone can think of anything then let me know. would be nice to do something with it for once

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    If the site cost you only 15 usa dollars of 10 UK dollars to run, then I would say...create a personal site. Develop your skill in creating a personal site.

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    lol i've been doing that for years but never have anything to put on :p i want to make some $$$$ anyone?

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    Oceanflame..... sounds like it would do a great as a music/movie site....

    and if you do not want to waste more money.... I always as accepting domain name donations (not tax deductible)..

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    Originally posted by metronome
    lol i've been doing that for years but never have anything to put on :p i want to make some $$$$ anyone?
    Thats the hardpart of every venture
    Just keep thinking it'll come to you, and it will be better than anything we can think off.
    Good luck

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    how about create your hobbies site that good start to make some $$$

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    Do affiliate stuff. Review sites (the ones that are offering the affiliates) and presale your visitors on the idea.

    I know a couple of people that make a living that way
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    If somebody had a really good money making idea what makes you think they'd give it up to you? =p

    The only way you are going to really make money is with something that you are actually into. You will not put yourself into a site that you are not into nearly as much as a site that you are. If you don't put a lot of work and time into a site, you'll most likley see 0 results. What kind of interests do you have?
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    I have a brilliant idea on how to make $$ of it, but as justadollar said, I won't tell you =P

    j/k, do what you LOVE to do, don't do things that you have no interest.

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