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    Arrow ~ ~ ~ Intel P4 3.0 GHz HT $160.00 & FREE Setup ~ ~ ~

    Managed Dedicated Servers
    All Servers are managed, and setup within 1-3 Business Days.

    Why buy servers with Deals4Hosting? Because the servers are managed! Most other places charge you $80/hr on support rates, Deals4hosting Does NOT charge extra for support. All of our routers and switches are made by Cisco which in return provides a 100% Cisco Network.

    Intel P4 3.0 GHz Hyperthreading:
    Primary Hard Drive: 80GB IDE Hard Drive
    Drive Upgrades: Add 80GB IDE One-Time: $109.00
    Upgrade to 120GB IDE One-Time: $149.00
    Upgrade to 250GB IDE One-Time: $240.00
    Memory (RAM): 512MB DDR2 RAM
    Memory (RAM) Upgrades: Add 1GBMB (3x512 ECC) One-Time $290.00
    IP Addresses: 5 IP Usable Addresses - 8 IP Addresses
    Bandwidth: 1000GB Monthly Transfer
    Uplink Port Speed: 100Mbps Uplink
    Remote APC Reboot
    Private MRTG Links
    1-Month @ $160.00 + Setup: FREE

    Operating System:
    Fedora Core
    Red Hat 9
    Windows 2000 $29.00/Month
    Windows 2003 Web $29.00/Month
    Windows 2003 STD $40.00/Month
    Windows 2003 Enterprise $40.00/Month

    Control Panel:
    cPanel Unlimited Users $29.00/Month
    Plesk Unlimited Users $40.00/Month
    Plesk 100 Users $29.00/Month

    To order this server please go to the following link and customize it to your needs.

    IP Addresses cost $0.50/IP and come in blocks of 8 (please note that 2 addresses in each subnet, the network and broadcast addresses, will be unusable by your server)
    Overage is $0.50/GB
    cPanel is $29/month on all servers
    Fantastico is free on all servers
    All servers have a one-time option of RAID 1 or RAID 5 setup:
    * $375.00 for the RAID controller card
    * $100.00 for each 80GB SATA drive
    * $125.00 for each 120GB SATA drive

    All servers are managed
    Please note: Default Linux installs only include httpd, ftp, and dns servers. If you require additional packages installed (gcc, for example), please let us know when you order your server.

    General Information:
    Setup Time: 1-3 Business Days After Payment (cleared)
    Payments Accepted with PayPal and Credit Card's (Visa,Mast,Disc,Amex,JBC,Diners)
    24/7 Live Support (E-Mail - AIM - PHONE)
    DataCenter Location- Atlanta, GA USA
    Backbone Carrier: We currently have 6 backbone providers and are publicly peered with 12 providers including earthlink. Our current network consists of Gigabit links to Abovenet, XO, PCC-BTN, SAVVIS, Telia, Level 3 and the Atlanta Internet Exchange public peering point.

    Free Basic Managed Service
    Peace of mind: We make sure that your server is available constantly and not losing customers due to downtime and faulty system configuration. Some of the things we do for you at NO COST!

    Customer has root/admin access:
    Many companies that try to provide managed service solutions insist on setting up special controls that prevent users from accessing their server as the root or administrative user. Instead of strict and limiting controls, we look at managed services as us helping you take care of your server. Not only are you allowed root/admin access to your server, you may change the password at any time. We only ask that you update our secure database with the new information. That way, our Security and Managed Services Teams can still access your server when needed, yet you maintain ultimate control of the server.
    Ping Monitoring:
    Regular ping monitoring from our IPAlert system allows us to verify that your server is available online. If your server stops responding to ping requests, our fully staffed, 24x7 network operations center will follow escalation procedures that you, the customer can defined. These escalation procedures can be as simple as having our staff place a phone call or reboot your system, or with our more advanced Managed Services plans, can be as detailed as having us restart services, verify applications are responding, check system logs and/or produce outage reports.
    Network IDS:
    Our Network Based Intrusion Detection System monitors our network 24x7 for suspicious traffic. The system monitors individual packets as they cross our network and looks for suspicious traffic based on certain signatures. When a network event is captured, our GIAC and CISSP certified Information Security Team is automatically alerted. This system is also monitored by our NOC staff to watch for abnormal trends in network traffic.
    24/7 Onsite Staffed Technicians:
    Our network operations center is staffed by quality technicians trained in multiple operating systems, networking essentials and multiple applications. Whether you need assistance bringing a server back online, installing new hardware or just getting someone to reboot your server, our staff is setup to assist you as quickly as possible.
    O/S Updates & Patches:
    Deals4Hosting provides general release patches, applied using a customer defined maintenance window. Security updates are typically tested and installed within 8-20 hours of their release from Microsoft or RedHat. Our Information Security team monitors Cert advisories, SANS advisories, Slashdot, Microsoft TechNet and other operating system watchdog services.

    To order this server please go to the following link and customize it to your needs.

    Contact Information:
    24/7 Live Support (E-Mail - AIM - PHONE)
    AIM: D4HSupport
    Click here to email me
    Feel free to ask any questions

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    any IP to ping?
    ddos protection?
    irc allowed?

    Nobody is perfect! My name is nobody!

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    Originally posted by D3m0n
    any IP to ping?
    ddos protection?
    irc allowed?

    DDOS Protection: Yes, Null Routeing
    IRC Allowance: No IRC allowed, Blocked by our Routers

    Please feel free to ask any other questions or concerns.

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    Why is your site down?

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    do you have any cheaper version?

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