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    want to connect to wireless networks some help needed

    Im looking to buy a wireless card for my desktop and want would appriciate some advice about what to look for when choosing a product.

    Is a usb device better then a pci one?

    also what features will improve the device's ability to detect other devices over a wide area? I understand that the devices maximum range is probably the thing to look for but is there anything else that will affect it?

    I have noticed there are some cheaper unknown brands on ebay are these as good as other devices from more well known manufacturers, will the extra few quid make a difference?

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    I'd go for the USB one, you should be able to position it better for a stronger signal.

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    im currently looking at the Belkin 802.11g USB Adaptor if anyone knows if that's any good or not. Can anyone recommend a good brand as i have heard belkin isn't very good.

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    Actually Belkin is quite good..

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    I have a number of Belkin network adapters and they all work great. Not sure where you're hearing that belkin isn't very good.

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    off some site that had customer reviews, to be honest though you rarely find any customer review of anything saying the product is good. they mentioned poor range low singal strength over a very short range (5m), problems with installation with sp2 etc, also seems to be down to. however the ebuyer own brand came highly recommended.

    its hard to know who to believe lol.

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    I actually tend to stay away from Linksys. After 3 Linksys network devices I owned all stopped working on multiple occasions where I had to file almost 10 RMA's to get repaired, I eventually gave up on Linksys products. Linksys is also one of the major companies that outsources their support to India (which hurts the economy and possibly their company image). I don't mean to sound rude, but I can barely understand some of their techs.

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    Not a big fan of Linksys either. The wireless router we have is pretty nasty (drop outs).

    Haven't used a Belkin router, but I do have one of their keyboards - best one I've ever owned.
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    Belkin makes quality gear. I can't vouch for their network cards but the toolkit I got off newegg was nice enough. Linksys is just pure junk but it gets your basic user's job done. I'm using one of the gigabyte wlan cards and it works great. Excellent signal strength all over the house. Only thing is it can't handle gaming at all. Has this strange period of loss on a regular basis. For browsing at high speed and anything non-gaming related it works fantastic.
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