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    DirectAdmin automatically redirecting directories?


    When I go to a directory

    IF I have a file name.php, then it automatically redirects to that file.

    If I don't have a file "name.php" then it gets a 404 error.

    WHY does it automatically go to a filename.php after trying to find a directory that does not exist??
    I don't want this to happen. How do I turn this off?

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    PHP Code:
    ("http://<hostname or ip here>/");
    there ya go thats a redirect in php

    Edit: it does that because name is considered a directory and you can change what files webserver is looking for ex. index.php index.html and so on and you can add your own...

    Name is a directory and it can have its own main php file... i dont know how to explain it very well other then

    /name/ - directory
    name.php - PHP File

    and all you need to do is add name.php to index area i think its in apache someone might be able to help me there

    Internet is your friend ... and books

    hope that helps a bit -- contact me i can help if you need more explanation or walkthrough -- MSN preffered
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