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    Can I find an unmanaged dedicated server located in UK, under $85 (USD)?

    Hi, does anyone know if there is a hosting company that would provide us with an unmanaged dedicated server physically located in the UK, with the following parameters:

    - Full root accesss (ideally via SSH)
    - Red Hat Linux (or Fedora/Debian/SuSE)
    - 40 GB monthly bandwidth or more
    - 1500 MB storage or more
    - 100 Mbps connection, full duplex
    - No charge for reboot
    - No charge for support ticket
    - Must allow heavy traffic (i.e., the server must not be suspended if it serves uninterrupted transfers at 100 Mbps for say 20 minutes).
    - Must allow non-UK/non-US residents (I live in the EU, but not in the UK)

    The following is not required, but would be appreciated:
    - Firewall
    - Remote server restart (if connection to server is lost, or if the OS hangs).
    - 99.9% uptime guarantee
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    "- No charge for support ticket" - that's a sticky one, but I guess could be done depending on the types of requests and how often. I'm not sure your gonna find a managed server in the UK for $85USD (unmanaged, maybe - but usually that only comes with basic support/reboots).

    Just my $2.00 (darn inflation!)
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    In no particular order. Those aren't recommendations, by the way - just cheap server providers I know of...

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    You might want to check out

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