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    Question Anybody See A Potential In Offering Cerberus For Your Clients For Free?


    Just curious if anyone sees a potential to offer Cerberus Helpdesk to all their hosting clients for free? I know they have that Cerberus XSP reseller system where you can resell an unlimited amount of Cerberus Helpdesk installs for only $250 per month, and you keep anything above that, which means if you sold the help desk for $15 per month to 200 clients, you make an additional $2750 per month of income.

    Seems like a big potential to me if you played your cards right...

    ( Sorry for starting so many threads her on WHT, just got lots of questions and ideas, and the users here on WHT seem to be very helpful )

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    I honestly think that it has its potential. It all depends on who your marketing it to. Cerberus is a pretty awesom application.

    If your offering it to Resellers or business that are looking for an all arround email solution then this would be a good idea.

    - James

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    Well, not just that, but if you get them using it they will have a harder time moving away from you in the future if they depend on it.
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