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    Arrow disable xml request

    Is there a way to disable XML request...

    What I am trying to achive is to conserve my bandwidth so that other people won't be able to request a content from my website using XML... especially mpeg, wmv video clip files...

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    There are two (main) types of requests that any webserver will respond to. GET and POST. XML is not a type of request.

    Please clarify your problem. Are you trying to disable a script? Are you trying to prevent hotlinking?
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    I am trying to prevent hotlinking...

    The problem that I am having is that the other party is using XML to steal my mpeg clip.. The other party created an XML page with embedded windows media player...

    I have make use of htaccess mod_rewrite to prevent hotlinking of wmv and mpeg format files... This works great.

    But my mpeg clips still plays on the other party if they make use of dot XML file type? ...

    This is really confusing as I can't stop this person from hotlinking my file..

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