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    * ServerMatrix 2.4 Ghz server for takeover $79/mo+$20/mo for cPanel

    2.4GHz Celeron
    - 80GB Drive
    - FREE secondary 80gig HD
    - 1024MB RAM
    - 1200GB Bandwidth

    The server is $79/mo plus $20/mo for cPanel which is included.

    Current ServerMatrix pricing is
    - $119 Monthly / $99 Setup
    - $129 Monthly / $49 Setup
    - $139 Monthly / $0 Setup
    PLUS $20/month for cPanel so this is a GREAT deal.

    PLUS the secondary drive would cost $40/month or $150 one-time fee right now at SM.

    I'm looking to recoop my $75 transfer fee plus get ~$100+ or best offer. Paypal is my preferred method for receiving payment. The takeover should take place around next week or so.

    You're not going to find a deal like this elsewhere so I'd really like to give this baby to someone else rather than just have SM resell for a much higher price.

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    Do you have website and contact address?

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    I can be emailed at JorelV[at] and I'm JorelV on AIM as well. I have several large, credible websites as well but they don't involve server sales or anything. Contact me if you want to know about them as a measure of credibility and whatnot, my name is in the WHOIS information.

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    It's still available. I will be selling it within the next few days. Currently the bid is $75 transfer fee + $70. Anyone interested in beating that is welcome to contact me.

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