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    I hope this is the right place to ask about my problem and to get the answer.
    I have a small problem with vsftpd:

    I want to be able to overwrite files in apache root document through ftp. Basically make updates via ftp. That web root folder is owned by root and group root. The user that i use to login to ftp belongs to root group too so i can create files and folders in apache root dir but i cant overwrite any files. What should i do to be able to oevrwrite files in that dir ??

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    Check the permissions on the files themselves. To overwrite/modify a file you need to have write permission on the file itself. To add/remove files and directories you need to have write permission on its directory. Do the files you're trying to overwrite belong to the root group? If not then that's your problem.

    That said I would personally recommend setting up a different group that has write access to those files and directories instead of using the root group. Using the root group potentially gives it access to files you don't want it accessing. Using a different group will help reduce the odds of this being a security issue. Just my suggestion, though.

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    Thanks for the replay. It was the permission. I got it working now fine.

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