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    Domain Blowout! Entire Inventory For Sale!

    I'm selling my entire portfolio of domains. Below is a list of domains for sale with price. Post sold or PM me for Paypal information. Most domains are registered at enom or namecheap. Will consider discounts if purchased in packages, PM me with offers. Most domains have about a year left on them. If they have less than 3 months left I will renew for buyer for no charge. Will also accept payment via, buyer pays fees. PM me for information. - $1,000
    Harry Potter 6 is being released on July 16th! With a book being released and a movie to follow, this domain will hold value for quite awhile. - $100
    This domain currently receives 500 uniques a month! These are leftover from the previous owner, who was a camgirl. $30 (could be Z3000 or BMW Z3!) $30 (2 Wait! Pronouncable!) $30 $15 $15 $15 $20 (Great Domain for a community to Report Bad Web Hosts!) $20 $30 (Spyware Removal, Spy Store) $30 (Very Nice Adult Name!) $30 (Great for an MMORPG community site!) $40 (Herbz! Could be a Herbie fansite!) $50 $75 (Great SEO keyword domain!) $75 (Perfect Diet Domain Name!) $75 (good for any dedicated server company!)

    I will sell the entire list, excluding for $600!

    Entire list including in the deal for only $1,400!

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    Thanks, AntevorteNET, for another great transaction on WHT.

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  3. #3 $20 - SOLD $20 - SOLD

    UPDATE: NEW BIN for the entire list, excluding, $560!
    UPDATE: NEW BIN for the entire list, including, $1,360!

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