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    Thumbs up Email Control without Cpanel Access

    I am a web developer who has clients that would like to control their own email. Currently they are not able to because I control email access for 15 sites through my main control panel. I do not want them to have access to anything but their email accounts in the Cpanel. Is there a software program or site that will allow me to do this?

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    I think CPanel provides with a skin called 'mailonly' which would give them access to only email accounts...I think this would enable the clients to manage just the email...

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    The theme (skin) that came preinstalled with my WHM (10.1) for email-only access is "xmail"

    The cPanel with the xmail theme has these functions only:
    (which you can edit if you would rather have more/less features)

    Change Password
    Access Web Mail
    Add / Remove Email Accounts
    Modify Default Address
    Block an E-mail
    Add / Remove / Modify Forwarders
    Mailing Lists
    Spam Assassin
    Trace an Email Address
    Modifiy Mail Exchanger (MX Entry)

    This theme also only gives mail specific plan info on the left side of cPanel.


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    Yeah the xmail features look good and i think some webhost provider are using xmail for email hosting.

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