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    phpArcadeScript v1.0 - Official Release - Many Features - Sale Priced!

    phpArcadeScript allows webmasters to open up their own flash arcade within minutes. If you are wanting to open up a new website or add an arcade to your current, phpArcadeScript is the one for you.


    - 5 Star Rating System
    - Built in Link Trading Management
    - Built in Tell-A-Friend Script
    - Most Played and Newest Games List
    - Fully Functional Admin Backend
    - Manage Categories (add, edit, delete)
    - Manage Games (add, edit, delete, active/inactive)
    - Manage Links (confirm links, edit links, delete links)
    - Category specific meta keywords and descriptions
    - Game specific meta keywords and descriptions
    - and much much more!
    (read more detailed descriptions of these features at

    phpArcadeScript is written in PHP and connected to a MySQL database to store all the game and link information making your arcade as powerful and efficient as possible.

    Visit to access both the gamer and admin control panel, as well as to purchase your copy today!

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    Two Sample Sites: (out of the box look) (semi-customized look)

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    Does it come with any flash games? Or do we need to install our own?

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    Very nice man. Great work on this, and I wish you the best of luck!

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    We do offer an option that includes over 50 games already installed for you so you will have a live arcade ready for gaming up within minutes.

    Thanks for the kind words!

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