Hello again folks

I own/run mvstream - Im now offering copies of the script behind the website.

Its a custom made script done in ASP.NET running from an Access database. (DB file not included)

There is an admin section with the following features:
- Bulk import links to video files via a text file.
- Add links singularly.
- Edit current links.
- Deadlink check.

All of these are fairly self explanatory, but the Deadlink Check... basically the script goes through the database basically checking that the link is active and does infact goto a video file. If it does goto a video file then thats fine... however... if its a deadlink the the video file will no longer show on your website. It will remain in the DB file and even show up in the admin section but will show up marked as a deadlink. This way you know which links need fixing.

You dont have resell rights to this script.

- Please PM your offers for a copy of this script.

I am also selling copies of the DB file (separate from the above offer) this is an access database containing all the links displayed on http://www.mvstream.com

- Please PM your offers for a copy of this database.

---> As this is a Windows based script I will also offer Windows hosting at competitive rates for the buyer(s)