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Thread: My Splash Page

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    My Splash Page

    Please judge my splash page...because I'm too lazy to design a whole site by myself.


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    Not my kinda thing, looks like its going to jump off the page and eat me, maybe its the yellow background, try swapping it for a darker colour and the page may look nicer

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    Hmmm, not much to judge. It's just an image on a yellow background.

    I would stick to just the "" part perhaps, with the text below it. The rest of that image (as well as the yellow background) is a bit much for what should be a simple "Coming soon" page.

    Also, add a title to the page so it doesn't show as "Untitled Document"
    Something witty here...

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    Yes, shorter image, I have to actually scroll down to view the text and yes a darker, even black background would be better.

    I don't think it's too much for a 'coming soon' page, I see it and grow curious and think 'what's this all about?, why the big crease?'

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    Once you get a real layout in place, I'd drop the splash page. It's alright for now, but I like to do minimal clicking. The splash page is just a waste of bandwidth....

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