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    Lightbulb banner placement on free host.... ideas?

    Hello, finally I got throught the first wave of china registrants... I had automatic sys, but now I check every single user... I don't want to hurt anyone, but every single user from there wanted to isntall crazy scripts... but I managed to screw them on time... I already hate those guyz! I removed about 1000 accounts manually....

    Now, I want to place some adds on my user pages at

    is there any script that will do it for me without hacking apache itself?

    I want to be able to rotate google ads and some sponsor adds, only 368*60 banners without any additional text or images. I want it to be placed in the header of every page that I specify....

    any suggestions? Thank you!

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    I know, I hate all the Oriental countries. They are terrible "customers".

    You can block their entire IP range, which is what I plan to do if I ever offer free hosting

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    yeah, I need to do that too, and as fast as possible

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