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Thread: Enom error

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    Enom error

    I get the error:

    Warning: fread(): SSL: fatal protocol error in /home/***/public_html/test/include/EnomInterface_inc.php on line 95

    Line 95:while ( $out=fread ($socket,2048) ) {

    Any idea why this is showing?

    This is all showing when i extract data on the DoTransaction() function.

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    Thing is, the doTransaction() function works. The error just shows on top when everything works anyway.

    For example, i can bring up the domains dns information.

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    I know this is an old thread, but I just recently ran into this same problem and thought I'd post the fix since there was none here.

    Here's an explanation for it.

    Some (IIS) non-standard compliant servers send data in a way that causes PHP to raise "warnings". When working with apache servers communicating with IIS servers using SSL, you should lower your error_reporting level in php.ini not to include warnings.

    By editing my php.ini on the error_reporting line, the error has gone away.

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