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    What should I do? Help please.

    All the webhosts I searched offers a free domainname. But I already have a domainname that I bought in a special offer.

    Should I cancel this and let the webhost renew it? I can change the nameserver my self so my url points to the new domain. But it feels like an extra payment every year if I don't cancel it and let the new host renew it.

    Hope you understands what I mean and can help me.

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    I think you can just buy a hosting package and change DNS to the hosting provider's name servers.
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    Yeah that was what I mean but then I still have to buy for the domain every year. If I cancel it and make a new one when I sign up for the webhost I don't have to pay for both webhost and domain name every year because the webhost offers free domain name when you sign up.

    But why I'm confused is because I donno if I can do like this and If its a good idea?

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    It is not a good idea.

    There is no such thing as a free lunch - or a free domain. In most cases hosting companies that offer free domains will do it in a way such that you are tied in to them. They will either register the domain in their name (so it's theirs, not yours), or they will register it in your name but put themselves down as admin contact and then charge you the earth to release it to you.

    Domains are cheap enough these days. Make sure you have control of your own domains. ALWAYS keep your domain registration and your web hosting separate.

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    Thanks for the reply, now I know what to do

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    I always recommend people NOT to keep both domain registration and hosting at the same place!
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    Lubeca and CSDesk are correct. It's worth a few extra dollars to maintain control of your own domain name. There have been too many posts here on WHT from people who have tried to switch hosts only to find out that their domain name was actually registered in the name of their old host.

    Good Luck!
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