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    [linux]homebrew simple security system

    Hi all. It's summber break for me and that means that I have lots of spare time now, so I've decided to embark on a simple securityish system. I taken apart an old keyboard, and I'm using that as a "means" (I said a simple project) for my system. I know that I will probably only be able to use two values, on and off. Thats ok for now. But, I would like a way to actually use the computer... So I need to write up a program. Now, the computer is a linux machine, just an old one, never really used it before. What kind of language could I program it in? This would be the first time I've programmed in linux, just so you know, so it should be easy, or at least easyish to learn the basics. And recommendations? Thanks.
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    Either Shell Script or C would most likely be the language of choice. You could also look into perl.
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