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    Question Stargate Domains Reselling


    I have read some post from people quite disapointed with godaddy, and this period I am looking for a domain reselling account.

    Any comments for Stargate Domain reselling?

    Thank you.

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    I dunno why nobody is posting anything?

    Anyways I have never tried them but yeah I have tried Directi and they are pretty good. eNom is also very good if you want to go for domain reselling!
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    Welcome to the forum, artemus

    I think Stargate is now using Directi's LogicBoxes / Orderbox system for reselling now. I believe that this version of their reselling program is fairly new and I don't personally know of anyone using it yet.

    You might checkout which can be used with eNom or Directi.

    Personally, eNom's system has been reliable, flexible, powerful and cost effective for my needs. But a quick look at Stargate indicates it might be worth further investigation.
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    enom or directi are good. Stargate is using the logicboxes solution provided by directi
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    Thanks for the tips.

    One very difficult to understand is how the payment flow is being done.

    If I understand correctly it is not necessary to have an IMA on your own.. all proccess are being executed through the enom/directi credit cards system. How you finally get paid for your profits?

    Thank you in advance.

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