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    ***Cheap Business Logos, Quality Templates! All under $50! HURRY! ***

    What We Will Offer:
    Fivenine offers quality web templates that you can afford, simplistic and detailed logo identities. Our WebTemplates come in loads of different styles and categories such as - Gaming, Hosting, Company Sites, Photography portfolios, Web design Portfolios and Heaps more!

    With each purchase you get :

    *Layered PSD File
    *Logo on white background.
    *All fonts.
    * Full rights to each purchase

    Down to the Sales -

    MasterGaming - $30 ( FULL RIGHTS )

    Webhosting 1 - $30 (FULL RIGHTS )

    Webhosting 2 - $30 ( FULL RIGHTS )

    All logos seen in this picture are $15 each. If you decide to buy one of them just say which logo you want and how I can contact you so you can buy it :

    Logos - $15 Each ( Full rights )

    This design was made custom for a client but the client never ended up finalizing the deal - The final amount the client was prepared to pay was $110 but seeing as this did not happen I'll offer it for $45:

    Threewaystreet.- $35 ( FULL RIGHTS )

    Hill Crest Business logo :

    Hillcrest Business - $25

    Now, this is what you call a stationary design, If you purchase this stationary design, I will change all the text to fit your needs and anything else minor -

    BlueHorizon - $45 ( FULL RIGHTS )

    "You're the most important person in the world.. You know why that is ? Because You are my customer. " ~ Ned Flanders.

    Fivenine Design Studios.
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    Your work in fantasic, Best of luck with the offer/sales.
    Professional graphics designer, always available for work.

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    <3 BoxedPixels.

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    will your logos be sold only once?
    if i need small modifications (colors), is it free?


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    Yes ysmedia,

    If it has ( FULL RIGHTS ) Next to it, that means it will only be sold once to you.

    Yes modifications such as colour change is free.

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