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    Hotel site needed

    Searching for a ready template if you have something lying around. It's not for one certain hotel, but for a group of Asian hotels.

    Please send PM with price and a link to maybe a preview.

    Have no interest in starting a project to design a template. Will have one laready done for a fair price.

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    Thanks. From the numerous PM's I got only 2 where actually a cleab hotel sites, and I had to turn one down since it felt more like ONE hotel template and not one for booking of Asian hotels. One is pending payment, but I need altogether 6-8 templates so it is stil open.

    But please, do you have a hosting template and not a obvious hotel template, the don't send PM. I'm not really interested in such offers even if they sometimes look really neat.

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    Will it be a hotel site? or a catalogue of hotels?

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