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    Optimized Web Hosting


    I think that as a webhoster ther are many things that we can do in order to optimize our company in order to be more effective in our marketing strategy. I would like to start this tread and need many of you to participate and share your best thoughts in order to help everybody to make your company and your server optimized for the search engines.

    Things that you can make to help your company and your web server to be optimized for the Search Engines:

    1. Install Mod Rewrite to your server to help you change your long Url's to static ones.
    2. Post a Press Release about your company.
    3. Install a Search Engine Friendly CMS.
    4. Exchange Links with other webmasters in your target industry.
    5. Read forums like this, there are many ideas that you can learn just by reading what other people is doing around the world in order to achieve their goals. You can even learn by questions not answered. Don't forget to post your question and your comments.

    There are many other things that you can do and I will let you share your experience with others about your experience with other techniques to help you optimize your company and your server for the search engines.....
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