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    Script modification PHP / MySQL


    I need some quotes on a script modification, please PM me here only for this job. (Short listed programers will be given my email address)
    Here are the details:

    Site to be modified:
    Three sister sites that are all running on the same database.

    Budget: Top budget of $300 Canadian, but we'd like to see it fall somewhere between 200 - 250 Canadian. ( to see how much that is in USD or another currency)

    Modifications Note: I don't expect everything to be custom coded, I found libraries that could help with a lot of the changes we need with a simple search on sourceforge.

    List of modifications:

    1. As mentioned, all three sites operate off of one DB, we'd like a flag to show up only in the admin section indicating which site the an ad was posted from.

    2. We'd like an image resize feature added into the ad submission process, ideally to autodetect when images are too big and resize them automatically, but if it had to be a manual step that'd be okay too.

    3. Currently, when we delete an ad from the admin section, it doesn't delete the image file associated with it (if there is one) we'd like this fixed.

    4. In the admin section, we need to be able to edit posted ads including the time / date and if possible a feature to automatically convert any posts that are all capital letters to all lowercase.

    5. Users need to be able to select a length of time to have their ad posted, obviously a file will need to be run via a cronjob to automatically prune ads that have expired, this is not a problem.

    6. An image randomizer script for the banner ads, currently we're using PHPAdsNew, but it's overkill for our needs and slows down the site. All we need is a script that will randomize the display of the ads, and not display the same ad twice on a page.

    7. We'd like a more secure password protection scheme for the admin section, pm for more details.

    8. Finally, we have purchased a script. It has 2checkout support built in, but it has to be modified from the php code and we can't get it to function properly with recurring billing, we need this taken care of. (This is priorty and is the first thing that needs to be done)

    Payment will be paid in full upon completion of the project. We are not willing to make a deposit, UNLESS: a) you are a long-term WHT member in good standing (TBD by us) OR b) you have references from long-term WHT members in good standing. In which case we'd be willing to pay half up front and half upon completion.

    please PM any questions to me.
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