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    Optimising a website - tips?

    Hi there

    We are currently in the process of optimising a sports car hire website for a customer. The site was previously in a real state, messy code, and no care was given to SEO work. We have performed the following operations:

    - Relevant Page Headings
    - Repetition of important keywords in the body text
    - Sorted out Alt Tags
    - Modified their meta description and meta tags
    - Added reciprocal links to Car Directory websites
    - Added a Site Map

    A big problem with the company site is they only have a small page on each specific car that they offer. They dont want their existing website modified structurally. So its hard to come through on specific search terms.

    Would it help the search engine positioning if I purchased a domain name for each car they offer - and created a mini site for the car - which then linked back through to their main website? I can heavily optimise the mini-sites to the specific car, so they'd come through strong, and then have a link to their main site, indirectly increasing their exposure.

    Basically does having sites on other domains help search engine ranking for the original site that its linking to? Any input really appreciated.

    Many Thanks

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