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    HostLogical - personal web space for the price of a curry

    I had a shared web hosting package with, UK based, HostLogical ( for a year, which I grabbed as a stop gap when my previous hosts liquidated suddenly. At £9.99 for a year's hosting, I didn't intend to concern myself too much about the long term reliability of the service. I just needed somewhere to keep my site up while I shopped about for something better.

    There were some technical issues in the early stages with some of my files being deleted. When I contacted technical support, I found them professional, polite and responsive, even though they did seem to shrug their shoulders over the cause of the problem. The issues seemed to go away soon after that and, although page loading was a little slow, in the end I only shifted away from them because of the very short supply of bandwidth allocated to their basic package.

    Their personal hosting offers c-panel, mysql, unlimited email accounts and all the usual scripts and whistles. So if you're only looking for a small amount of space with very limited bandwidth, for a blog or somewhere to park your email domain, you could do worse than take a look.

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    What site do you have with them? The one in your profile @ address seems to point to another host.
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    Like I said, I had a package with them for about a year. I don't use their services at the moment though.

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    THEY are con artists. You were lucky they replied. They take peoples money then ignore everyone. They have resurrected several times as new companies and are currently called


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    It is not our usual company practice to get involved in these discussions, but on this occasion I feel I must put the record straight.

    Earlier this year, HostLogical and the domain name were purchased by my company, Open Internet Services.

    We have since closed HostLogical and all customers are now under our UKWEB brand. I fully acknowledge that a number of customers had different issues when with HostLogical, but myself and my team are working with those customers to resolve them as quickly as possible.

    The gentleman named in the post by "stender", has no connection or link with ourselves or any other company since the takeover took place.

    If you do have a grievence with HostLogical, I would be happy to take this up with you and you can email directly at [email protected]

    Tony Ellis
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    How are you unsure he has no link to your company?

    Do you know his name? Didn't think so.
    Do you know if he's been a previous client of yours? Didn't think so!

    He could be bigbird or batman - or just another person who sounds as if he's had some experience with a shoddy company before.

    Although haven't we all?
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    The person I was referring too, was the gentleman named in Stender's post as running ukwebhosting.

    Sorry for any confusion.


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    My apologies then!
    Web hosting by Fused ó For businesses with more important things to do than worry about their hosting.

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    I have repeatedly contacted ukwebhosting and they don't reply. All I wanted was hostlogical or ukwebhosting to transer a and a .com domain to fasthosts as we no longer wanted to deal with them due to very poor service. It is nearly 3 months since the forms were faxed and tens of emails sent to various email addresses and phonecalls made but still nothing. And I must admit my last few contacts have been somewhat abusive as I have now given up on them transferring the domains. Open internet services and ukwebhosting are a reseller that uses the address 145 st john st ec1 in london. This address is just an accountants that offer company registration and an address in london. search in google and you will find hundreds of web companies with the same address.
    They have/are costing lots of money because i cannot transfer the domains as they registered them in the name of hostlogical, and because of all this i cannot promote the site. I am now forced into taking legal action.

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    Tony Ellis has informed me that ukwebhosting domain name was bought from Matthew Prust of Hostlogical but has no links with him whatsoever. He is currently sorting my domain transfer issue.

    Apologies for previous posts.

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