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    please review my site

    Could you all review my site ? This is my first. And I'm also a newbie at this. I know it needs work, but if you could point me in the right direction...Also could you look at my sorce code and tell me whats wrong with it ? I used "SiteSpinner" to build my site and it has been great.
    Thanks in advance...dave

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    Hmmm... I'm not really into doing reviews of sites for first timers or people just getting started. Obvioisuly you have a long way to go - a lot more practice, etc -- but you didn't need me to tell you that.

    Generally in a review, I will list out a number of things I think could be changed/added/removed - but seeing as how this is your first, I won't go there - hehe.

    With all of that said/understood, it's not bad for a first website. Yes there are things that you could improve, but I have seen much worse on first attempts, including my own - hehe.

    There are a number of directions you could be pointed in, but I'm curious - which do you do best, or which are you trying to learn more of --- programming or design? For example, I could give you ideas about what to change graphically, but maybe you aren't familiar enough with Photoshop (or whatever you used) to do it?
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    The eggs you make are beautiful. I dont know if your site totally reflects that. I would suggest maybe a different color background for starters. If you like the blue thats cool but I dont know how well it works as the background color.
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    at first glance after reading the sites purpose, i think the template goes well with your market niche. great work

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    Thanks for the comments you all. I've had friends and family look at it , but thats just not the same. lol

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    Originally posted by davidzzz
    Thanks for the comments you all. I've had friends and family look at it , but thats just not the same. lol
    Yea, you get a lot of "wow, that's so great", and "oh that one's really good"... then you pass it on to people who don't know you and get a completely opposite response, hehe.
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    Keep up the good work!
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    your RIGHT ! LOL hehe In response to your earlier question... I guess I'm more interested in design. I don't know hardly anything about html writing (i know how it works and i've seen it on my pages) and I rather copy and paste my concepts and let a program worry about the html writing. Like I said I'm very new to this...maybe down the road I'll learn more about html. Right now I just want to get a decent site up to sell my art. Oh yeah... I used "SiteSpinner" to do my site. A great prgram for the newbie and for those of us with little or no knowledge of html. I went with "bravenet" as a host because they had templets but found I didn't like any of them and wanted somthing I could work with a little. So when I found sitespinner I was greatful. Ever heard of it? by the way PlaneWalker, I went to your site and liked your work.

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    Thanks...talkwebhosts ! I went to talkhomebusiness looks like a good place for information. dave -

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    by the way PlaneWalker, I went to your site and liked your work.

    I still need to add some stuff from this year. I have about... 20 I'll be putting up... eventually, hehe.
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    Your headed in the right direction with the colors and all. Just need to put a little more graphical looks to it and youll be able to enhance your design skills this way.

    Some programs I reccomend trying:

    Adobe Photoshop
    Flash 4 or 5 or MX
    Paint Shop Pro

    Good programs to know and use, make things alot easier on yourself
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    If you really want to learn how to make a site and all, then good luck. You've got a long way to go.

    If you do egg painting as a living and are looking to use your site as a method to obtain more customers, you might want to consider purchasing a template and adding your content to the template.

    The first thing you're going to want to do is separate your main logo and your menu. Sometimes having a logo and menu together as one looks very nice, in your case, it doesn't.

    I'd suggest doing a vertical menu (rather than horizontal) just to take up some space.

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    Thanks for your review MrCodeDude. That is a templet I'm working from. I had thought about doing my menu different. I need more pages and the way my menu is now I can't add to it. So a vertical would work better. Thanks dave

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