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    A couple of my Sites That may be for sale.

    Ok I have a few sites that could be for sell: - This site was designed in Cold Fusion 5 by me brother. It is a place for members to post Yard Sales, and view them. Also creates maps and directions from the members house to the yard sale using Google Maps. Only about 10 members But has only been up a few weeks (Still trying to figure out how to advertise it) We were going to make it free but even if you charged $0.50 a yardsale you could make a LOT of money once advertised. - My friend had me buy this domain for him to start a community on Counter Strike 2 (Source) It is about to expire, should I renew it or not? Could it be worth something? - A web design site advertising my brother and my skill at design. Hasnt been advertised much, And were still working on finding a good hosting provider (I have one, but he is getting a little lazy, so I might need to find a new one). - We were going to start a site where members pay for referrals to free sites like ************** - I dont think much, it was going to be a Brothers In Arms clan Called Easy Company that a friend was starting, but it never turned out good (mainly because the game's multiplayer isnt made for clans).

    So guys are there any you would be interested in? How much do you think they are worth? Being a completely functional site I believe that is worth a lot, I am just having a problem getting the memebers. I just dont really know where to advertise it at.



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    Originally posted by The Napster
    So this would be worth Renewing and trying to sell it? Where do you think I can sell it, Ive never tried selling a domain name before.


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    The would be worth a bundle seeing as CS and even the original CS are still at the peak of users of the Steam system.

    Definitely suggest you renew and find a buyer.

    As to where you may try to sell, I would suggest finding a user/gaming forum for a clan or group that plays CS. Also, you could try:
    Steam's Website

    This is Steam's main site and their user forums are most likely full of potential buyers.
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