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    Shoutcast and Internet Radio Experts Read


    I'm looking to talk to someone who has several years of experience with Shoutcast and Internet Radio.

    If you don't mind chatting with me for a little bit, it would be much appreciated.

    Just PM me here and we'll go from there.

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    What question you need know

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    This is a great discussion forum Post your questions here and you can get answers from many different people instead of just one or two.
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    1. What type of servers/bandwidth, etc involved in running a 24/7 radio broadcast?
    2. What kind of cost would someone be looking at to run a 24/7 broadcast?
    3. How does one switch between a live show and a precorded show?
    4. I've noticed some places let you license or broadcast their shows on your own station, how does this work?
    5. How does someone remotely participate in the radio stream?
    6. Where do I find out more info on licensing fees for playing music on the broadcast?

    That's it for now, thanks!
    Hockey is Life

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    Thumbs up Good questions?

    I can help with radio domains under i.e or etc. function as ordinary domains such as .com .net.

    In the UK we have PRS performing rights society who i believe collate payments for artists.

    I have not built the radio services of although its part of the business plan.

    Respect love and peace to the world.

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