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    Liquid Webs & Host Rocket

    I think their services might be suitable to me. I search for reviews of these 2 companies. Almost no one talks about them.

    Someone in the dedicated server forum said Liquid Webs is a big & reliable company. Is it really that big?

    I know Host Rocket as it is recommended by a professional webhosting counselor but how big & reliable is it ?

    Anyone use their services? Are they good?

    Which one is bigger?
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    I would say both are pretty known in the web hosting industry. I used Liquid Web not as a web host, but I used to lease my Cpanel license through their company. I think both would be solid choices for what you need. I guess by bigger you mean who has more clients, I can't answer that, but they are surely not your fly by night web host. They've been around for awhile.

    You can try emailing their sales team and perhaps ask them that question directly, how many clients are you hosting to get an idea of which one is really bigger I guess, or you can ask other questions in regards to how many employees they have etc, as I'm not sure what your definition of bigger is in this case.

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    My definition of big is having large capital, revenue, number of employees & clients. Before asking them questions , I trend to see what others think so I have a clearer picture of what to ask.

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    I don't think you'll find a shortage of good reviews for either company here. I can personally vouch for LiquidWeb as being a great place to do business.

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