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    Transfering website


    Is anyone here can tell me how to transfering website? Any difference from RH linux or windows server.

    Your step by step guide would be highly appreciated.

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    Can you provide more details? Are you currently using Linux and switching to Windows, or vice versa? Are you using any server-side scripts? Are you using any databases? Are you just moving a http server, or are you also moving mail servers, ftp servers, etc?

    Switching servers is really a complicated procedure, so the more details you can provide the more help you will get.

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    Hi saints,

    Dreamweaver or FrontPage editors make it very easy to transfer html web pages. They keep most, if not all your web site intact for the transfer (as explained above).

    Another way to transfer your web pages is to copy the source code by right clicking on the page as you see it when you visit the site and select 'view/source'. It will come up on Notepad.
    Select 'file/save as' and save to a place of your choice as an HTML file. To do this, at the bottom of the box just before you save it, it will say '.txt'. Change the drop menu to 'all files'
    and then change the '.txt' at the end of the name you're saving it as to '.html', then save it. You will then have a complete page ready to load to wherever you want. If you have images
    though, you'll have to save them separately.

    for more details plz visit these links

    Bright Info Solutions

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    One major difference between windows and linux is that file names are case sensative on linux servers.

    You're going to need to provide more information regarding your websites, and if you plan on moving other types of data (email, databases, etc) .

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    Here are a couple more,

    Changing Servers Without Down Time

    Moving a Database Driven Site

    Windows and Linux won't matter unless you are using a specific database type or Microsoft ASP or so on, please give more details.
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