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    Does your Google Adsense Do this?

    Go to view your monthly report, view the aggregated data of "This Month" Take close note of the numbers

    Now switch to the "Channel Data" and select ALL your channels and then view the report..

    For some reason, when I do that, all my channel data is almost 2 times as much as the Aggregated data...

    Why would this be? The Aggregated should be the highest if anything, because it combines everything even ads that aren't in channels..
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    yes i asked google about this too...

    Thank you for your email.

    When you're viewing channel reports, selecting the channel data for all your URL and custom channels may show a larger number of page impressions, clicks and earnings than the aggregate data for the same date range. This is because some impressions and clicks may be tracked on both a URL and a custom channel or on multiple URL channels. For example, impressions and clicks on a URL channel for would also be tracked on a URL channel for

    To view the overall performance of your account, select the 'Aggregate Data' radio button, and click 'Display Report.' This will include all clicks, page impressions and earnings from your account with no duplication of data.

    For additional questions, please visit our AdSense Support site at or feel free to reply to this email.

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    Sometimes it might take a couple days if it just closed for that to click I've heard, as I'm not seeing this difference, email google, they always email me back pretty quick.
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