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    * [SALE] 8 or 9 Fresh Templates (All themes, flashy...)


    I'm selling the following layouts.
    I don't have much idea of pricing for them right now, so I'm accepting offers. Don't be shy to make me an offer because I might accept it

    Design 1 (Business/Hosting/Games)

    Design 2 (Business)

    Design 3 (Business/Hosting)

    Design 4 (Games)

    Design 5 (Family/Art Website)

    Design 6 (Business/Hosting)

    Design 7 (Business/Hosting)

    Design 8 (Business/Hosting)

    They are all unique, one time sale, and come with:

    - Full rights
    - Psds
    - Fonts
    - Flash files

    They are coded using CSS styles.
    Some of the layouts also have subpages design.
    Payment via paypal (I can accept other methods too)

    Whoever is interested can contact me by posting a thread here, or at the
    email: info [at]

    The Aztex Art company can also make custom designs and offer web and
    graphics development services. You can find more information at our
    I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about those designs




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    you have some nice templates there, good luck on the sale!


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    Thanks lord !
    Web design.
    Aztex Art -

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