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    I need help with PowerVPS options

    I have been reading the posts in this forum and have decided based upon the overwhelming positive feedback here to sign up with PowerVPS to host a multi-forum server. Everything is rather clear except for the 4 VPS alternatives offered by PowerVPS.

    Their VPS control panel options are:
    All hardware options appear to be similar for each of these control panel options.

    Are there true pros and cons of these control panel options or is it just a matter of user preference?

    I don't need a detailed explanation just a quick and dirty summary if possible.


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    Just FYI, Webmin is more for the experienced sysadmin, while it has a nice web interface to certain things, you still need a good understanding of Linux administration to edit files, patch "stuff", and general day to day maintenance (compiling php, apache, etc).

    The other commercial packages make a lot of these day to day administration tasks simple point and click via the web interface.

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    I prefer Plesk but I have exp with it, Cpanel is about the same although I feel a bit more fluky sometimes if you arn't used to it. DirectAdmin has a great userbase but is not as commericial and newer than the others, don't let this disqualify it. Webmin is very basic and I don't recommend it unless you are wanting bare functionality.

    Overall if you are wanting a commericial popular control panel just pick Plesk or Cpanel, both will do about the same. Otherwise try the other two for a less commericial basic interface.
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    As tom said, you will want to stay away from webmin unless you really know what your doing. Most of webmin/usermin requires more advanced unix expierience and is aimed at the more knowledgeable user.

    Heres a quick rundown on the other CP's...

    - cPanel: Most likely the most feature packed CP available, however, with that comes buggy releases on the odd occasion. This CP is generally prefered for a host wanting to offer a feature packed service.

    - Directadmin: IMO the best control panel currently available. People will say that its lacking in features but I generally ask them to name an important feature thats missing, never had a decent response to that question. All releases are stable and support is excellent.

    - Plesk: Again, feature packed but aimed a bit more towards the more advanced user, especially DNS and mail wise. Support is OK, but the error messages can be real confusing and poorly documented.

    Out of the above 3, I would allways lean towards DirectAdmin, especially with the features you would be looking for.

    Good luck in your decision
    Rob Greenwood
    RedHat Certified, Unix Consultant

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