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    Hybricom - Off for holidays??

    These last three days I have been browsing their website to see if someone is online on their live chat, but they haven't been there for almost 3 days now...

    Do they took a break?? - And for the record, I am not a client of theirs, yet.

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    Is the live chat for sales or support? If it's sales, I wouldn't be surprised if they have weekday hours and are off on a long weekend. If it's support though, well, that's bad.

    EDIT: Sorry, this post is full of common sense and probably wasteful.

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    Well, most companies take off for the weekend, and then today (Monday) was a US holiday.
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    Originally posted by bqinternet
    Well, most companies take off for the weekend, and then today (Monday) was a US holiday.
    Oh, well... I understand that for regular stores, but aren't they offering 24/7/365 support?

    It might be pre-sales, but still. Everytime I visited their site in the past they have been online.

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    They have definitly been online for support. Best to drop them an email to sales


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    That is correct, sales is not required to be available 24x7 as our support staff. In fact, that our sales is not available should have no indication about our service and the level provided to our clients. An additional note is our site only has a link to chat with sales. Your clients would not be going to our site as they will not know who we are.

    Thank you for those whom have noted this was a holiday weekend in the US.

    If you have any questions then please contact our sales department during the hours indicated on our Contact page. Also, provided there is our email address [email protected].

    Thank You,

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