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    I am reluctantly looking for offers on this site as I am in serious need of cash to invest in another venture. is a PR4 is a PR2

    About The Site
    Highly active, exploding forum. How active? On the 1st of June RapFX had 860 posts and about 200 members.

    NOW: Threads: 757, Posts: 4,422, Members: 428

    The answer to how I accomplished this is simple. I am running a free iPod shuffle offer. BUT the member needs 4000 forum $ to get it I will maintain total responsibility for the first 2 you have to give away since it was me who promised them and I have already purchased them.

    The secret is however that a brand new iPod shuffle only costs $99. I get them off eBay for half that brand new. PLUS the way a user gets a shuffle is they have to earn it. It costs 4000 forum $. The closest member only has 2261 and it took him a month to get that. See the standings here ( The next 3 guys in line are myself and my mods who aren't even eligible So it would be really easy to keep this going for a full year and only give away less than 5 in that timeframe because once a member "purchases" an shuffle they get reset to $0.

    The name RapFX is catchy and easily a major part of the value in this site. The members love it and, as you can see, they tell their friends! RapFX is sturring a lot of buzz in the rap forums world and people are signing up daily.

    The site was completely down for nearly 2 full days going into a weekend and STILL averages over 300 uniques daily usually closer to 350-400. Proof:

    Site has earned $32.52 so far this month (as of 29 June) and is on track with the increasing members and traffic to break $100 next month (earned only $5 month before). Proof:

    Owned vBulletin license included.

    Added Bonuses:

    2 PR5 links on my sites & till the next google update.

    Free custom sized banner ad on -PR3- for 3 months. (just added it today).

    Free move to your server or 2 months free hosting till you can do it yourself.


    Looking for $2500. I'm on MSN ([email protected]). Add me and I can answer any questions you may have. I can even do the transfer while you have me on live.

    EDIT: price dropped!

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    Any high bids on this yet?
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    None, I got a $1500 offer but rejected that one so still looking for minimum bid price listed above. I'll sell it to first bid of $2500.

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    Site still available

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