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    Load time of .js menus

    i am doing a site with a dynamic menu made in fireworks mx that links to .js menu file that weighs 30k

    is that large?

    does that 30k get counted into browser download time?

    netmechanic shows the page loads fast, it excludes the .js menu reference

    happy 4th

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    External files are cached. (For anyone reading,) caching is when the browser stores a page in its memory, so it can be called up again without re-downloading.

    If you have a 10kb CSS file, and a 30kb JS file, that 40kb will only be loaded on the first view, along with most images. After that, the site will load significantly faster, since the files have been cached.

    Regardless, the speed is negligible for broadband used, but for people with dialup, you're looking at 6-10 extra seconds of loading time in the initial view.

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