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    Question The responsibility of Dedicated Server Administrator

    Please comment.
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    Re: The responsibility of Dedicated Server Administrator

    Originally posted by Saints
    Please comment.
    They administer your server ...

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    The server administrator basically runs the server for you, they should manage most of the functions like running updates, fixing any security issues, staying up to date with patches, perhaps installing any new software you require. Basically as 2HostUNow said, they administer your server, but that entails many functions.

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    Basically the server administrator has to manage all aspects of your dedicated server, including keeping control panel and other applications up-to-date, performing security audits and installing necessary protection to prevent malicious occurrences, installing necessary software time to time as per the request of your customers.

    If you are tech savvy you can manage all thing yourself, but if you are business savvy you should hire the server administrator in full time either locally or from remote.

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    Another thing amongst what has been said previously is they should be able to trouble shoot problems that occur with the server like apache, mysql, cpanel/whm etc... etc...

    The serve administrator is there to maintain the server's security and operations to keep it up and maintain customer satisfaction.

    - James

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    Every organisation needs system administrator to man their systems. As a sys-ad one is responsible to setup a server, configuring neccessary services on the servers with the latest versions/builds of softwares. Few are: Emails, Databases, WebServer (Apache, IIS) etc...

    Implementing security on the server, performing periodic backups of important files and data. Study the updates of Control Panels and then update them. Check regularly the diskusage of the server. And many more duties....

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    Overall by shifting the responsibility for the expensive and time-consuming aspects of maintaining it through a system administrator can drastically reduce the cost of the technical competencies of your business.

    The important thing is that the system administer should be highly technically skilled person and should take the initative for the maintanance as a whole.

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